We are Project Angel, and we help Investors acquire smart properties and businesses that perform on day one. Interested?

IDEAS, are the currency of the future.  They solve problems.  They create opportunities.  They entertain.  They break down barriers.  They enrich lives.  We are Project Angel, and we help Investors acquire smart properties and businesses that perform on day one.  Interested?




Since 2005, Project Angel, LLC (PA) specializes in helping Investors acquire real estate and business acquisitions.  PA’s ‘Co-Op’ program provides performing cash flowing real estate transactions and business acquisitions to our valued Client Partners.  We streamline the closing process, and ensure the acquisition is performing on the first day after closing.  This is accomplished by safeguarding solid master tenants, end-buyers, and employees are in place BEFORE a transaction closes.


Without question, the most aspiring Investors are aware of the many advantages real estate and turn-key business acquisitions has over all other investment vehicles.  These assets banks and mortgage companies are clamoring over to provide money to Investors to purchase.  However, it’s these very same banks and mortgage companies that are placing these barriers of entry into these assets before Investors ever realize a return.


What if there was a way to realize all the benefits of investing in real estate and business assets while virtually removing all of the challenges associated with purchasing these assets?  Additionally, what if there was a way to have some of your projected profit advanced to you immediately, and at a guaranteed occupancy?  Project Angel’s Co-Op program safeguards and minimizes common constraints Investors face when purchasing an investment property or business acquisition.  By partnering with PA, our Co-Op program manages all these impeding aspects of the investment purchase while you cultivate an immediate profit the day you close.






To become a leading provider of performing real estate and business asset offerings;


To continue success as a private placement re-development company;To strengthen our market position by expanding into new areas for development;


To grow our reputation as a straightforward, investor-focused company;


To provide fun, high return and low risk opportunities for our Client Partners.




Our investment philosophy holds that patience and strategic long-term planning are the proven elements that produce successful returns.  Our investment model focuses on creating a low risk and secure investment opportunities for our Client Partners that concentrates on having an exit strategy in place and securing master tenants, end-buyers, and employees BEFORE a transaction closes

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Project Angel, LLC is a private investment firm that assists entrepreneurs, real estate investors and developers increase their portfolio through high-quality and high-yield assets.


As a result of our unique approach, we have participated in millions of dollars of debt and equity financings for start-up and early-stage Investors as well as our seasoned Entrepreneur patrons.  Raising funds from sources such as high net-worth individuals, angel investors, private equity funds and North America's leading debt markets.



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Bella Vista Town Center

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